Seve & Herb


Greetings & Welcome

An Evening in the Visual Arts:
Appreciation of Women's Stories

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Call-in number: 1.906.481.2020, code: 572887
9:00 to 10:30p EST
(We will dialogue using the links below.)


Monday, 4/7 
Restoration Teleconference

 will explore the wounds 
stored in our womb, 
the erroneous themes in our thinking 
inhibitions to our natural 
appreciation and expression. 

Through dialogue 
let's take this photographic 
journey of healing with  sisters

 Seve & Herb
we thank you!


Through the lenses of

Seve Adigun 
"I Love You Black Women: A Brotha Speaks"
Herb Way,
 Portraits of Eve: 
Women of Color Share
Their Body/Soul Conversations

truly master photographers,

who honor the 
images and stories of women
of African descent 
women of color.

Our dialogue will usher us into the realities of the dichotomous world and institutions 
that have set physical parameters
to define our lives.

 Join us as we listen, 
and also tell our stories 
and identify with 
the individual stories as a collective story 
of those sisters 
who are brave 
or eccentric 
or simply in the 
process of healing our womb~
the womb of our ancestors and 
the womb of future generations 

 Queen Mother Dr. Jo
our Official Libationist 
of Faith Alive House Church,
celebrating 20 years of service,
will open our teleconference with 
a thought-provoking libation ceremony
in  honor of ancestors.

 (Note: If the line is busy, keep calling to gain entry.)

1.906.481.2020, code: 572887
Founder &
Principal Facilitator


An exhibit
 of master photography 
awaits you as we 
embrace the works and stories
two master photographers

Seve Adigun and Herb Way

Monday, April 7,
9:00 - 10:30p EST

Master Fashion Photographer, 
Seve Adigun, 
brings us his 4th photographic exhibit, 

"I Love Black Women: A Brotha Speaks Out"

 This multifaceted project serves the beauty and splendor of today's black woman as seen through Seve's artistic lens. Become more familiar with Seve's work at


Herb Way,

is involved in
many areas of photography

including wedding, corporate, editorial, 
public relations and fine art


His upcoming publication

Portraits of Eve: 
Women of Color Share
Their Body/Soul Conversations

a debut collection of implied nude, semi-nude, 
and nude photographs

of women of color explores the

diverse body forms, 
cultural frameworks

attitudes about body image

that creates the sum of womanly angst and beauty


His objective is to create images that celebrate,

rather than objectify and

focus on femininity and sensuality 
over sexuality


He communicates soul through the

sparkle of eyes, the tilt of hips, the flow of fabrics

and skin courageously bared

The door is open to women of color. 
Herb is seeking creative collaborations with intelligent, mature women of substance who are serious about self expression and have something meaningful to say.

Join us as we experience the artistic genius of 
Seve Adigun & Herb Way

Monday, April 7, 
9:00 - 10:30p EST

access code: 572887

"Adanna" Gloria

Principal Facilitator
Restoration Teleconference