Monopause Blogspot

We're excited about our menopause blogspot and invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, poetry, websites, and other menopause related information with us.

As you will note, we are not a clinical blog as much as a we are a spiritual telling of how we have overcome life challenges and what great truth we have discovered for our life; we are a philosophical space for us to share our theories, assumptions, experiences, beliefs and knowings about the constructs of life and their influence (s) on our life story. We want to hear about the new birth stories and truths that bring us into a new shift in consciousness. 

We invite you to participate with us for a meaningful learning and sharing.  For our Spirit is clamoring to be set free by the wisdom we each hold.
If you have a hankering to share clinical information, please feel free to do so. We are open to that, it's just not our soul's purpose.