2nd Anniversary
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We are celebrating, "Restoration: Healing A Precious Womb Series, Menopause'n More" 's, two-year anniversary Monday, February 25, 2008 from 9-10:30p. In the mist of many challenges to grow and make shifts, we have endured and celebrate with a hopeful spirit that each of you will join us and offer praises for this awesome and life-altering teleconference. 

We have an exciting agenda as we welcome our radiant and vibrant friend, Queen Mother & Elder Rev. Dr. Josephine Jackson-Smith, our official libationist. Dr. Jo, as she is affectionately known, heightens our consciousness through veneration of our Ancestors from whom we inherit our legacy and heritage. 

Other awesome sisters who have agreed to speak about their purpose and services to women are: Sister Kellyann Few, Founder of Tea Time Talk, llc of Columbia, MD, Sister Charmaine Gibbs-West, Founder of Essence Tree Wholistic Life (skin care products) and Co-Founder of "A Gathering of Goddesses" of Nashville, TN, Sister Mozella Galloway, Founder & President of National Black Herstory Task Force (Atlanta), Sister Rev. Adedunmola Carter, Founder of Life Empowerment, Inc. (Atlanta), Sister Janet Young, Natural Health & Nutrition Consultant (Atlanta), Sister Dr. Adrienne Sabir-Hudson, Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychologist and Co-Founder of Sacred Diva and Info Tea (Atlanta) & Sister Rashida Syed, Personal Trainer.

We promise you an exciting, informative and fun evening. Come with a joyful and participatory spirit to make it so.  

Thank you for your continued support and emails to let us know you are present and supporting us.

Our primary call-in number is: 
1.906.481.2020, code: 287245
2ndary number, if there is a problem with the primary number: 
1.641.715.3200, code: 310657

In the Spirit of Collaboration & Sisterhood, 
Sister Adanna
Restoration Teleconference