"...womb is the birthplace of all our creative energies." 
Queen Afua, "Sacred Woman"                            

"Restoration: Healing A Precious Womb Series, Menopause'n More is a teleconference and forum for women of African descent. Here we gather, share our stories, heal our wombs, celebrate our victories, strengthen our cultural and community bonds. Our intent is to provide a space for us to promote our purpose. 

Restoration Teleconference, as we are commonly called, was founded by "Adanna" Gloria Lawson a poet, author, benefactor, college prep consultant, workshop presenter and facilitator. 

Through the expertise of guest speakers (feminine and masculine), we address and dialogue on a variety of concerns to our life. As we awaken, our truth unfolds, we strengthen our connection and our support of one another realizing we emanate from one powerful energy source. 

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
what do you hold for us today
to help us to wake up and live
the indigenous way

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
sometimes I feel beaten down
you know I don't remember 
this journey that I am on

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
sometimes I feel depressed and 
then something happens to return 
me to my natural self

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
sometimes I feel alarmed I seemed
to have forgotten the mission we 
agreed upon

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
what's all this challenge and drama
all about hmmmmmmm I think I 
remember to choose my indigenous 

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
now I am awake I use the tools you
give me and I grow from day to day
and I am not stuck in any one place
I live......we live our present moment
we are empowered for all time we
flow like a crystal clear river and 
I've left our oppressions behind

Ancestors, Ancestors, Ancestors
"Adanna" Gloria

We welcome you whether you come often or rare and we thank you for your support!